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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day 7 - Border crossings

Day 7 –  a view from the van.
Crossing the border! 10 miles and we crossed into Scotland – a fantastic milestone and morale is high. After another breakfast – it really is like ground hog day – the teams set off for the ride into Scotland. It is defintily chillier up here – a moderate 7 degrees today.
In the van – Ali from DA and I took the first opportunity we could to stop at a Scottish petrol station to get some Irn Bru. Just because we were in Scotland – but it tasted good.

 It was then off to find a Tesco for our usual shop for the teams requests – which today included dry roast peanuts, more painkillers in various forms, and a game of buckaroo. Sadly Tesco let us down and instead the best we could do was a generic of Jenga called Stack-em. Still it should keep the guys entertained over dinner….
It was then back in the van to follow along to route, count cyclists and make sure everyone is ok before getting to the lunch stop for much of the same.

The food has been excellent the whole trip, and the lunches that are prepared on the back of a van generally somewhere along the side of  road have made sure the team are on track. Today we are at a farm, so we have a barn to shelter in.


  1. Watch out for the snow chaps! Not far to go now. Best wishes, Harry the amazing little man from Chesterfield.