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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 12 - One more detour

Day 12 - Thurso to John O Groats (via Dunnet head)

Last day. Last early start. Last excruciating rise out of bed to assess the aches and pains from the day before. Last application of Chamois Cream to places that really should never need/ want to be covered in such cold slimy goo! Last force feeding of breakfast- after 10 days of excessive eating, i never want to see another breakfast bar or banana again.

After Dans insistance, we decided to do the addon trip to Dunnet head, the most northerly point of the mainland. This only added 7 miles to the days total but when that 7 miles was uphill and against the wind we cursed Dan very loudly. We did manage to see some Puffins though

There be Puffins! (somewhere)

After that 12 miles to the Seaview Hotel where we stopped to have a wee dram before we crossed the finish. Once we had all regrouped the crew van lead us the half a mile down to John O Groats proper and we were done!

 980 miles ish later and my pelvis is now permanently remodelled into the shape of a saddle

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